Thursday, March 14, 2013


I only just awhile ago got back from snuggling a sweet baby girl who is less than 24 hours old, so I'm still sort of in that zone, you know? It's like a narcotic. I'm rock solid on my decision not to add any more babies to my personal lot, but I love the hell out of everyone else's. Thanks go out to my dear cousin for giving me a good fix, but more than that congratulations on an amazing and perfect newborn who was delivered safely and into a slew of open, loving arms. Next generation, in effect!

My own sweet bundle slept in his own room straight through until 7 this morning--something he never ever does--and probably would've gone longer if we hadn't started making noise, but 7 is a veritable lie-in these days so you will hear no complaints here. I'm sure it won't happen again for years and years, all the more reason to make note of it and cherish one morning's good fortune.

In sum, this has been a pretty fantastic day. Let's keep on that roll.

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