Thursday, March 7, 2013


After a mentally tiring week, it's nice to have a day with just a little snow, not enough to have to shovel, but enough to be pretty to watch, relaxing. It's also nice to have a birthday for someone you love coming up (and one today - happy 91st to Memere!), a baby waiting to be born any second (let's go baby Marvin!) and a stretch of time to hang out with my dudes, doing dude things. And daylight savings! Yes, it hurts the first week or so, but once we get into the swing of that lost hour, there comes spring, sooner than later. Spring is magic.

My headaches aren't totally gone, there's funky and sad stuff going on all around, but overall I'm in the best place I can be. And that's the place where I choose to take my bow for this week.

This is the second song I've linked since Monday that came from an HBO show. What can I say, they've got my number. And Enlightened, oh, I cannot recommend that show more highly.

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