Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Vroom Vroom

Tonight will mark the second impromptu date night in a week - but instead of Mike and me slipping away for a fun grown-up dinner, we've got some hot action lined up at the car dealership. We agreed a new car was the right decision (the alternative being keeping our old ride on life support), and we might as well just do it. Luckily we're in an OK place, resource-wise, for a major purchase, and my cousin was available to swoop in at the last minute to take care of the boy, so the time to strike is now. I guess this still counts as a white whine (oh, you poor thing, having to go and spend your precious time buying a new car!), but I think most people (Jerry Seinfeld notwithstanding) find the automobile acquiring process tedious and somewhat intimidating, same with buying a house. And I think most people keep the kind of stress these things induce in perspective. Obviously I'd rather be dedicating my evening and monies to something else, like my couch and a beautiful IPA, but I'm almost 80% sure I'll survive the experience. After everything we may not even end up buying tonight, but we will sooner than later.

And that's the big happenings with me. It's a wonder I don't get paid for this.

Oh just admit the dearly departed Eddie Rabbitt was awesome, already. 

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