Monday, August 20, 2012

Always With the Upside, This One

Oof, this Monday was not the droid I was looking for. Finding out there's a problem with the brake lines in our car--an 11-year-old beauty that's already had a couple of grand in repairs pumped in this year--was not the best start to the week. However, on the extreme upside, we did not come by the information the hard way, i.e., smashing into another car. So other than the expense and the inconvenience, I can't really complain. And it's not like the possibility of a new, bigger car isn't intriguing (I don't care about cars on the whole, but a little more room would be welcome) but damn it was nice to go half a decade without making a car payment. In sum: easy come, easy go, nobody got hurt, we can get by car-free for most things if we need to, and pass the coffee.

The weekend itself was low-key and lovely. We ate some foods, saw some peoples, celebrated a three-year-old's birthday, enjoyed our little corner of the world. It was unremarkable in the best way. And thus begins a three-day week that will be capped off at the beach with Mike's family. Time to make some hay.

Good music for being industrious:

I think so, anyway.

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