Thursday, August 16, 2012

Do You Like TV Too?

I cannot possibly write a long post two days in a row, so here's a classic JBP listerino.

A list of things that are the level best in my world right now (and I feel no shame that they are mostly TV shows):

-Winter's Bone by Daniel Woodrell. I super loved the movie, but as is often the case, the book blew it out of the water. You wouldn't think it would make such a great beach read, but it was somehow a perfect fit. Now I'm sort of obsessed with modern day Appalachia. And if I may cycle back around to the movie version, how great and under-appreciated is Dale Dickey? She's currently killing it as the werewolf grandma on True Blood. Which leads me to...

-True Blood this season: awesome, or extra awesome? Since Meloni got turned to goo, I don't have much use for the "Authority" storyline (although the Lilith blood freakout was great fun), but there's this really playful horror style to it this year, and Lafayette is getting the best writing (which he so deserves) and the werewolf stuff is kinda compelling. I would like werewolf sexy times much better than the vampire version, I think. Not sure what that says about me.

-Like everyone else I'm also totally into Breaking Bad, (in which Dale Dickey also once appeared) and it makes no sense because I have nightmares from it and experience no fewer than ten cardiac episodes per show. But I'm hooked, hopelessly hooked, like those grubby little meth heads that make up Walt and Jesse's clientele. (Lazy, obvious simile alert!)

-Ok guys, Bunheads. Just Bunheads. It is a fantasy. It's corny and implausible. And the combo of the amazing cast and the quirkiness to it all and set-dressing eye candy and ballet (including a non-sequitur routine set to "Istanbul" by TMBG tacked onto the end of an episode), well I just love it so. It's perfect and I'm going to really miss it when the season's over next week. At least I've still got my beloved SYTYCD, which returned last night after an Olympics hiatus. Don't tell me who got cut though, please, since I didn't watch the episodes yet due to...

-Impromptu date night! Mike's brother and his family gifted us with an evening out, and we got to go out and have a nice relaxed meal and conversation while HR went nuts playing with his big cousins, and despite all my adoring viewership, I guess that trumps any TV show any day of the week.

Ok then, to close, I got this number from Breaking Bad. Which I think is one of the coolest and bad-ass crime scene montage songs of all time. That scene in which it appeared, which was creepy and unexpected, is an example of just how excellent everything about this show can be. And aw, poor Gale.

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