Wednesday, August 22, 2012

School's In

Last night we bought a safe, fuel-efficient, unglamorous car, and even though the process ate up over three hours, the deed is done. Now we must take off for the Cape to recuperate from the ordeal, oh lawdy day. Since our new chariot won't be ready to be picked up for a couple of days, my cousin offered to loan us her car to make the trip. We will do our best not to make her regret her generous sharingfulness.

Work work work all day long, then we pack it up and head down to the beach for a few days of living the good life with my other-side family. I maintain I was the luckiest human when I got born into to role of me.

Your homework assignment while I'm gone: try to think of someone as cool or cooler than Rakim. I know, no fair, it's like solving Fermat's theorem. But try anyway. There will be a quiz.

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