Monday, April 9, 2012

Your Brain Has A Shell On It

My weekend was stellar, as they go, and it went by way too fast, which is a given. But in its swiftness, there was much goodness as not one but two holidays were observed, many amazing foods were consumed, and much family fun was had. I'm left now with a clean(ish), quiet(ish) house, a kid who is missing his adoring entourage, and a whole bunch of lovely crunchy Cadbury mini-eggs just waiting for me to ingest in sensible, moderate portions. One giant bag is moderate, yes?

I've been online entirely too much today, and as such have exposed myself to way too much of the kind of negativity exclusive to the internet and its many outlets. The trick is to cut myself off before it completely harshes the sweet little joybuzz I've carried over from the weekend. Sooo... bye.

But first, a little Sugar (to help all the sugar go down).

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