Tuesday, April 24, 2012

I Won't Watch Blazing Saddles on AMC on Principle

We have reached the stage in our child's life where farts are ne plus ultra in the humor sphere. The other night we were reading bedtime stories and he laughed so hard after letting one out while seated on my lap it took us forever to get through Goodnight Moon. What can I say, he comes by it honestly, and his uncontrollable giggles are pretty damned endearing. How long before we can watch Dumb and Dumber together, do you think?

And that's who's bringing up the next generation of urban sophisticates.

Anyhoo, I'm pretty well out of words for this session and my bosses are springing for chinese food for research purposes so I better move on.  I'll leave you with this selection from a couple years back, I don't know that this is a band I would like in general, but this song was featured in a scene in Harper's Island (did anyone else watch this?), as background for the demise of the most annoying character (incidentally the scene leading up to her death was the only time I liked her). I don't know that the scene would have been so pivotal for me without the music, it was perfectly creepy-evocative and climactic in the right way. I had to look it up and purchase it on the spot, and it turns out I still like it.


  1. I didn't get a harumph out of that guy...

  2. So am I doing wrong by laughing every time my 2 yo toots? I cant help it and when I do she laughs...How do we correct this? My mom would SLAP me if she knew I was teaching her it is funny but well, it is. Ahhh pick my battles I guess!

  3. We nothing but encourage the behavior, and that's highly unlikely to change. Hey, I learned it from my own parents ;-). Farts are funny!