Thursday, April 5, 2012

Still Waiting For a Good Passover Musical

Knock knock.

Who's there?

Baseball season! No joke!

The Red Sox just dropped their first game of the season to Detroit, but I've even missed the losses. Hooray for baseball season and everything it brings.

In other boring-to-everyone-but-me news, I finally, finally got around to getting my hair cut last weekend, and my hairdresser really outdid herself. She's a new one, she's only cut my hair once before but based on the job she did last time, I decided to go back. And this time she cemented my loyalty forever. I'm notoriously lazy about doing my hair, and without me communicating this to her (I would have, but there's a wee language barrier), she somehow picked up that I needed a style that would fall perfectly every time with no laborious things like brushing or using a hair dryer. There's been no awkward bit where I had to get used to how it looks, it's been all love, all the way. So to Grace and her gifted scissorhands, I say thank you and you've earned the eternal entrusting of my sought after client-ship.

For someone who's so unwilling to engage in actual styling, or perhaps moreso because of this, I do so appreciate a good cut, and I've had plenty of blah, mediocre ones to compare. I'm actually starting to fantasize about going boy-short with it next time because, why not? I've always been fairly adventurous, follicle-wise, I'm just not attached to my hair and I don't like it when it gets too long. Maybe next time, we'll see. Grace would be the one to pull it off, but I don't know that I have the right features for it. One way to find out, I guess. For now, though, I'm just enjoying the hell out of this one. Hair, how silly. But a good 'do is a priceless source of happiness.

Look-a there! Despite my lack of a smile, I feel like you can see the happiness glinting right off.

Or is that just the bunny ears made of light? How fitting. Happy Pass-East-Whatever Times!

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  1. Cute! I love a new, good, haircut. You could totally pull off boy-short hair!