Thursday, April 12, 2012


Today is just great. We had a rather good night, sleep wise, and it's looking less like our kid is embracing his new milk cup and more like he's decided to give up drinking milk altogether now that it's not coming from a bottle. Makes no difference to me. As long as he still goes to bed as well without that part of the nighttime ritual (frankly this can only help as we round the corner on potty training), we can do without it. Lots of kids his age don't drink milk at all, we'll just need to check in with the pediatrician to make sure he's getting what he needs from other avenues. HR is a cheese maniac, so we've got the calcium angle covered at least.

This looks to be a chill, beautiful, home-bound weekend and I'm happy about that because after this one everything goes crazy for about a month. All good things of course, just a lot on the scheduled docket, including our first extended time away from the boo. Oh, and we just booked our Mexico vacation for November and I am BEYOND psyched for it but the thought of 7 days away from HR, I know it's good for all of us, but dang that's unfathomable from where I sit. I just think of all those nights of potential unbroken sleep, though, and I'm more comfortable with it by the minute.

If you're in the mood for a good happy-sad cry, check out this link I borrowed from a couple of friends' pages:

Oh, music. Oh, old people. Which of you will be my ultimate emotional undoing?

Fun fact corner: Leon Russell and Leon Redbone are not the same person. I'll be damned.

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