Monday, April 23, 2012

The Intangible Weird

This weekend felt odd to me. It was great, of course, chock full of friend and family time, but between the up and down weather, deviation from our routines, and the creepy feeling that accompanies things going haywire in the household (malfunctioning carbon monoxide alarm resulting in my stove being shut down - don't ask), it left me a little unsettled as I embarked on my Monday morning. More likely I'm projecting onto this week, the end of which heralds our first extended time away from toddler-dude --oh and the little matter of his turning over from one to two. You know, just minor, insignificant stuff.

My brother and sister-in-law came into town on Saturday, and HR could not have been more ramped up for their arrival, chanting their names all day long and pulling me down the street so we could meet them halfway when they walked from the train. I love how he knows people now from memory, and can anticipate seeing them with clear understanding and excitement. Also his beloved music class started its new session this morning after being over for a month and that kid was bouncing off the walls with impatient happiness when I left for work.

Even with the residual strangeness I was feeling this morning, any weekend that includes this kind of afternoon:

as well as this one:

(and lots of good food and a Jaws viewing in between) is nothing to shake a stick at. Unless it's the kind of stick you shake when good things transpire. I do believe that the word "joystick" is already taken, so I'm going to have to think on a proper descriptive term.

Meanwhile, this is awesome.

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