Monday, April 18, 2011

You Ain't a Beauty, But Hey You're All Right...

It's a gorgeous day here in Boston, on the chilly side, but not terrible. I'm not sure if it's perfect weather for running a marathon, but it sure is good for watching. Most people have today off, but not me, baby. Which suits me just fine because I'm leaving early anyway to attend a seder for the first night of Passover. I drove in early with Mike and HR in tow and we had a leisurely breakfast (latest baby eating triumph: HR tried pancakes, and apparently he is indeed my child) and now my men are playing and waiting around for me at my workplace until it's time to get on the road to Pesach (aka my in-laws' in the burbs). It's nice to hear that little voice from somewhere outside my office while I get things done. I'm really looking forward to seeing everyone this evening, especially my niece (no offense everyone else, you understand). In the meantime there's work to do, which actually includes popping down to watch a bit of the race because I have some runners for whom to cheer because they raised a ton of money for my organization. Nice work if you can get it, eh?

This has nothing to do with anything, except it has everything to do with everything by virtue of being a great song.

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