Wednesday, April 27, 2011


For someone who fancies herself a writer, I sure am at a loss when it comes to writing about the big things. Give me the plot of a 1980s sitcom episode and I can riff for a 1000 words. Give me an event like, say, my baby boy's first birthday and all I can do is stare at the screen and kvell.

But here's a little note, for posterity:

April 27, 2011

Dear Harrison Romeo,

I had an inkling all the time I carried you, and before that when I dared imagine who you might be, that you would become my whole world. Then the nurse nestled your sweet cheeky noggin against my chest and it occurred to me that there could be something bigger than the world. I knew right then that nothing would ever be really important to me unless it involved you. And all the sleepless nights and stinky diapers and psycho worries later, that's still the way it is.

Dada and I love you more than there's love in the whole universe. We love you mucher than much, bigger than big. It doesn't make us special--most everyone feels this way about their own children--but it makes us yours. Forever and ever yours. Even when you're a teenager - you can hold me to that. 

Thank you baby Chucko for making us a family.

 Happy, Happy Birthday to our son! We love you all day, and all night long, for all the days and nights of our lives.


  1. Happy 1st Birthday HR! A very special day for you guys, indeed, and this warms my heart. Topped off with a song I've always liked!

  2. Looks like he finished the job you started some 16 years ago - dada's hair is officially extinct! Love you guys!