Wednesday, April 20, 2011


My dream last night starred this guy.

 I only found out his name in the last few months now that he has his own show (it's David Denman), but he has been one of my celebrity crushes from forever, since I only knew him as Roy from The Office. I get the Jim Halpert thing, I do, but I always secretly loved Roy. Well, it's not so much a secret anymore. Anyway, nothing really happened in the dream outside of a little flirtatious banter, but it was a lovely change from my usual rotation of baby anxiety nightmares. And he wasn't wearing that stupid scarf.

Important news: I have decided upon the cocktail of the summer of 2011, and for me it will be the Negroni. Most any cocktail made with Campari will do, but this is the jumping off point. I'm usually a gin and tonic girl, and I'm sure there will be those, but I'm feeling all languid and earthy Sofia Loren and Big Night
and other fun delicious red-sauce Italian themes for the warm-weather months. I know you're very relieved now that that's established. Come over and I'll mix you up one, I know a fabulous trick involving orange peel and a lit match to finish it off. Salut!

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  1. You and Tina have the same celebrity crush. Virile men with beards are in.