Thursday, April 14, 2011

New Jack Swing-y

I have a bunch of long, thought-out entries in the works, meditations on very important subjects such as karaoke, embarrassing escapades of my youth and having a one-child family, but I can't seem to commit to one today and make it be done. It's good to have the pickings there for when I'm ready, though.

Today I'm all about toasted scali bread for second breakfast (thumbs up!), making plans for a low-key shindig for HR's first birthday, and engaging in the usual Thursday work blitz.

Oh, and haunting youtube for a very specific purpose. I listened to a lot of music when I was young, some of it really good, but that's boring to write about, isn't it? I find people's closet-likes to be ever so much more interesting. And often more danceable. To get it out of my system for the time being, here's my wrap-up of the frankly awful (except for Digable Planets, maybe) but personally beloved hits of the 1990s. I may have owned the cassingle of one or more of these songs (if you don't know what a cassingle is please GFY), I'm not saying for sure. But here's a four-fer, to ease you into the weekend. I had to force myself to stop because this could easily expand to a dozen. 

Enjoy, darlings! I can think of about three of you who don't have to be told.

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  1. Check Baby Check Baby 1234, Check Baby Check Baby 123!