Wednesday, April 13, 2011

The 90s Were Even More Ridiculous Than I Remember

This could not be a colder, wetter, ickier excuse for an April day. So here are five meditations I'm using to warm my bones:

-Sangria time! My friend and I have a tradition that the first time the thermometer tops 70 degrees, we mark the occasion with sangria. I was pregnant my last two springtimes, and she was for one as well, so we've got a lot of making up to do.

-So You Think You Can Dance returns next month.

-My sister's bachelorette weekend and subsequent wedding in June are going to be off the proverbial hook.

-Wisteria and lilacs are coming.

-The Red Sox will find their way out of this quagmire, I'm telling you!

Off now to try to solve some platform issues on my computer. I have no idea what I'm doing. Like that's ever stopped me before. But first: everything about this is sort of terrible, but just save us all some time and admit you love it.


  1. Oh my word. I had completely forgotten about this song. Which is a sincere tragedy, and one that I'm glad you have rectified. And now, if you'll excuse me, I have some chair dancing to do.

  2. chris, mark, red, tay, ro!

    (since one of the babies is called rowan, i call her ro for short...and all the time i chant GO RO-RO, GO im with it.)

  3. Okay, can you tell me the appeal of wisteria? I think maybe I just haven't witnessed its wonders. All's I know it that this creeping terror is trying to rip down my rain gutter. Does it do something other than that? Does it flower or something? Are there benefits that I should be reaping for having one?

  4. Yours doesn't bloom? It's so glorious when it blooms, albeit brief. Sorry it's out to get you! XO