Thursday, April 7, 2011

The Sweet With the Bitter

The first Major Vacation of our lives as a family was a roaring success! We had so much fun, and the beautiful weather was a balm for all of our souls. I'm convinced it cured HR's cough. The traveling itself, about which I was most concerned (because who wants to be the people with the screaming baby on the plane?), was relatively easy. He slept through both flights, tolerated the many car trips without a meltdown and rolled with all the schedule mess-ups like a pro. He also proved to be an adventurous little soul, showing  a new interest in table food like guacamole and flatbread, and adoring his first swim in a pool. We're all glad to be home now that we're here, but as getaways go, this was golden. Plus I made an effort to stay in the moment and didn't waste my last day thinking about how it was over.

The highlight, even moreso than the weather: spending time with my girl Nik, who I haven't seen for nearly two years. She's had a boiling poop-cauldron of a year, but she's feeling well right now and looks fantastic and it was so great to hang out and finally introduce her to Senor Diaperpants. She's just one of those friends with whom a couple of years don't make a difference, you just pick up where you left off. We laughed ourselves into oblivion with a lifetime's worth of private jokes, but I think Mike and Niki's awesome husband were able to have some fun too. Next time we'll make sure to spend more than one day, it just went too fast.

The rest of the time we hung out a cute little resort, chilling on the beach, at the pool, at the tiki bar, on our balcony, just enjoying the warmth and togetherness. Our good friend/traveling companions' parents live in the area so we spent some time with them there, too. All in all we're very lucky we were able to make it happen.

I know that HR would be happy doing anything anywhere at this age, he was actually probably relieved to be back to his crib and toys and such, but it was nice of him stay chill despite the shake up to his routine for his parents' sake. Good on ya, buddy. Keep it up, and someday we'll take you to a wretched place you really want to go like Storyland.

Tuesday night's arrival was a bit of a rude welcome to reality, with the onset of baby's first pinkeye and the devastating news that, though we were half expecting it, we were hoping wouldn't come to pass. But life was lived over the past week, and lived well. And as ever, I'm grateful. Photos to follow someday, once I get a chance to load them.

I'm not quite ready to post a song for Leo. It's too soon, most things I hear that remind me of him, even the joyful things--especially the joyful things--make me cry. But here's something that seems to capture the current melancholy of my mind. 

"It's the freakiest show!" I'll be damned, I guess Leo's in there too. Be well, everyone.

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