Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Maybe I Should Re-Watch Caddyshack, For Professional Reasons

I just accidentally ate the entire order of thai basil and garlic chili sauce veggies over rice that my wonderful bosses bought for me. The dish made me do it, really, because it was so delicious and I just knew that no amount of reheating would restore that level of deliciousness. No regrets. Thai Binge 4 Life.

It's golf tournament central at the old workplace, as we gear up for our lone gigantic annual fundraising event, and though I disappeared into that gaping maw of preparation weeks ago, we're finally at zero hour. Or close enough. Tomorrow I'll be off site from dark until dark registering people and ringing up their silent auction purchases. There are two positives to this: 1) it'll be an interesting change of pace and 2) when the day is over, it'll be over. Until next year, anyway. Maybe there's even a third advantage, which the potential to get outside a bit. Other than that it'll be a long day, I might not get to set eyes on HR for its entirety, and if you have ever worked any kind of charity event you know there are always a few prerequisite entitled jerks. It just comes with the territory.

Oh bloody well. Off to find some breath mints (holy garlic!) and get my eyes back into spreadsheet focus.

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