Thursday, June 13, 2013


And so, it is over. And it was fine, even kind of fun in parts. I'm happy I don't have to work this sort of thing every day, but it's not like I was digging ditches. Everyone was pleasant and well behaved, based on initial reports we made some decent fundage, and I got home in time to spend a few minutes with HR before he had to go to bed. Plus I had the best diet coke of my life from the bar (I don't like soda much at all, the combination of thirst and caffeine withdrawal made all the difference) and I got to see a rainbow on the way home. The little things, you know.

Today is sort of chill, and I appreciate that most of all.

Have you ever seen the movie D.E.B.S? It's admittedly stupid, but I love it. And it has a great soundtrack. I think of it whenever I hear this legitimately great song.

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