Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Little Rich Little

HR does one celebrity impersonation, and it's of this guy:

Charles Osgood, dapper bespectacled host of "CBS Sunday Morning." I've related my affinity for this show in the past, but now my child has signed on with his own seal approval. Until recently I thought the show was just the background part of our lazy Sunday ritual, him enjoying the intro with the Chuck Mangione horn solo (he calls it "The Trumpet Show") and me picking and choosing which segments would warrant my attention. This past Sunday though, when there was a fill-in for old Charles, HR was devastated. His favorite story for the past three days is reliving the moment when another person dared introduce the show. It's hilarious to me, and obvious that I'm raising my child to be kind of wiener, both in him liking the show and obsessing over the seemingly innocuous story. Oh, and the impression, which is basically him holding up a pair of fake glasses to his face and saying, "I'm Charles Osgood."

Wiener or no, I think the kid's got a bright future.

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