Monday, November 12, 2012

Thank You, Thank You, Thank You

My vacation was beyond amazing. Beyond. I have no words for it. I mean, I'm sure I'll find some, but it's hard to describe something that's specific to one's own heart. And now it is over, which I can't quite believe, but that's OK. Moving on, moving on to the next good thing. I expect to do a full write-up tomorrow, when I have more time to settle my brain and get some cognitive distance. But today belongs to the Veterans.

Few people will disagree that war is a terrible, messed up thing. I can't believe that any person who has ever served in a war and survived could go on to lead a truly normal life again. No matter the circumstances that set a person on that path, be it voluntary or otherwise, fulfilling that specific duty is something I can't fathom for myself, and deserves the utmost respect. I'm a cynical person sometimes, and I consider myself a pacifist, but it doesn't change how I feel about people who make the ultimate sacrifice for their country. My grandfathers are gone, and I honor their brave memories, but there are plenty of people I know and love who have served, still serve in the military. There's no perfect song to express my admiration and gratitude, but this one just gives me the right kind of feeling.

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