Thursday, November 29, 2012

Coming Out

I'm warm in my belly today. This happens when it's cold outside and my work is keeping me contentedly busy (with the odd full-moon fallout mixed in) with envelopes and envelopes. It's the season of giving, and when you get a sense that people are taking that to heart, it changes your outlook. I'll get no fewer than ten calls before year's end by a donor being snippy or demanding, or screaming at me because I printed their acknowledgment wrong or not quickly enough. But it evens out usually.

I've got an at-home, no plans weekend ahead of me which is something I crave from time to time. I do have high hopes that we can get an early family dinner out somewhere tomorrow night followed by a stroll around the neighborhood to take in the lights. They do it big 'round these parts, and most of the displays go up immediately after Thanksgiving. I used to scoff at this, but you know, the season is so short as it is, I'm currently in a mental state where I approve of milking it for all it's worth. As it is I'm no hurry for the actual winter holidays to get here because I have a lot I want to do before then. Also, I dig the big build-up. And the seasonal comestibles.

Switching gears, here's my decidedly non-heartwarming music pick. I honestly can't help that I love this. I keep adoring Kanye despite everything he does to make himself unlovable. And after a decade or more of denial about Jay-Z being the best rapper of all time, I can no longer ignore the notion that he probably is, even if he's not my heart favorite. When I hear his voice come on a track I get a little shiver, like, you know this is gonna be some insanity. I feel so much better having gotten that out.

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