Wednesday, November 14, 2012


Oh, hi Thanksgiving NEXT WEEK. Normally I've scheduled no fewer than three planning meetings with Mike by now, but my usual mania for the big show has been seriously diminished. I guess my week spent in a tropical vacuum knocked the sense of time out of my head. In any case, it's the hour to get cracking! How awesome it gets to be Thanksgiving already, is how I've decided to look at it (as opposed to, "Thanksgiving already. Crap."). For all you know, I may have already listened to some Christmas music for good measure. Ok I admit I did, it's finally sweater weather and I'm all in for the holidays.

After that extremely illuminating paragraph, you might understand why I'm thinking about taking a break from writing in here. I'm not sure yet if I'm actually going to, and I'm not taking a poll about whether I should, just letting you know if I disappear for a bit, it's not because anything's wrong. After my vacation entry yesterday, it got me thinking, yeah, this would be a good thing to write in a personal diary for my memory, but otherwise, what's the point of writing about it in a blog? It doesn't mean anything, it's just something I did. And that led to, what's the point of this blog at all? And maybe I'd better examine what I'm trying to do here because even though there seems to be no limit to the internet, the world really doesn't need to be clogged with more inane chatter from a human living a relatively unremarkable life. Over a decade of blogging I've experienced this (non)crisis a hundred times and something's always brought me back, but a thoughtful pause never hurt anyone. We'll see.

Now if Pete Townshend were a blogger, I'd say never stop putting out content. Even when he writes not-great songs they're still pretty great.


  1. Taking a break is a good thing.....but to be honest I would miss you terribly if you didn't come back. You are a talented writer and even if it is about day to day stuff you are still so entertaining! **Megan**

  2. Thank you, doll. I still read you, too, I'm just bad a commenting. XO, D