Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Oh, L'Amour

Valentine's Day! Blah! But love, yay! So in the spirit of love, this year I'm virtual-sending a heart-shaped card to:

-My sweet sweet little monkey boy and his saint-worthy daddy. This doesn't need to be said, as they are my forever loves, but it isn't said enough.

-Chocolate milk. This was one of the only cravings I had when I was pregnant, then I forgot about it. It's recently become my go-to restorative beverage after a run. I am NOT pregnant. Repeat, NOT. Just re-acquainted with the loveliness that is a nice cold glass of milk + chocolate.

-Bruno Mars's performance on the Grammy's - I appreciate his voice, but every song of his ever has put me to sleep so I was just knocked by this kid in his pompadour dancing around in a gilded jacket and blowing the roof off the place. What an entertainer! I'm officially re-thinking my Mars stance.

-Music in general. It exists to make us happy, even when it's sad. Loving especially: The Civil Wars, J. Cole, Goyte, old-time country ladies.

-I am always leery of famous kids--for every Jodie Foster, there are like 10 Lindsay Lohans--but some children are just born to be stars. Sophia Grace and her hype girl Rosie are my IT at the moment.

-This mild, nearly snow-free winter. I'm not a skiier, and finding a place to put snow when living in the city is a huge pain so I'm pretty much in my glory right now.

Ah, so much to love. I could do this all day, alas, I have some gainful employment to get to. Which I love. Love having a job, and a pretty great one at that.

I feel it's fitting to close up shop here with one of the greatest love songs ever written and recorded. And pop songs, while we're at it. Featuring a young Jonah Hill? Enjoy!

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