Thursday, August 12, 2010


- First off, thanks for the votes of confidence re: yesterday's entry. We feel pretty good about the way we're raising the boy so far, but it's lovely to have a cheering section.

- As for barf-o-rama '10, HR's pediatrician thinks he just had one of those 24-hour bugs. From whence he picked it up I have no idea, but since Tuesday night there's been no more vomit, and he's eaten and slept wonderfully. How lucky we are to have such a healthy guy, I can never take that for granted. And it's reassuring to have a doctor telling you you're doing fine.

-In my before-life, I exercised a lot. I was a runner and a yoga junkie. One of the proudest moments of my life was when I stuck the crow pose for the first time. Since I got pregnant, I sort of stopped. I kicked running to the curb because I had run a 5K the weekend before my miscarriage, and though I rationally know that it had nothing to do with why that pregnancy didn't work out, every time I tried to run I felt this bad juju so I decided the stress wasn't worth it and I switched to walking. I really miss a good run, and I intend to get back into it. The question now is how and when - looks like M and I will need to take turns instead of running together, probably in the early mornings or evenings when HR is on a longer-between-feedings schedule. As for yoga, I kept that up until the week before he was born, but I switched to gentle prenatal yoga. I'm ready to go back for the pain. I loved being pushed to my limit on the yoga mat, it helped me feel alive and, strangely, balanced. I know that yoga can be a lifestyle, and I can build my own practice at home, but there's nothing to me like a really good communal practice. Coming away from a challenging class always made me feel like a superhero, the benefit for me was definitely physical, but it undoubtedly affected me mentally. I can fit in some DVDs now here and there, but it's not the same. I hope I can get back into class at least once a week. It's not even about losing weight or looking a certain way at this point--yeah, I'd love to be as fit as I was but I'm doing my best to be patient with my body and know that it's not really mine while I'm providing someone's nutrition--I just miss the feeling. Again, all in time.

-What TV commercial do you hate the most? Since I got DVR (clearly mankind's greatest invention) I manage to not catch that many, but I keep seeing that ad for the ladies' razor with the built-in trimmer and it makes me insane. Have you seen this? Women walking around, doing their thing, and as they pass a shrub or whatever it morphs into a triangle or rectangle or--what is that, an oval? (Who has a oval-shaped bush I ask you?)--that we're supposed to infer is the shape of that particular woman's pubic hair. It's one of the stupidest things I've ever seen period, just a ridiculous commercial, not even getting into the way that women are once again reduced to their body parts. Women and advertising is a big thing with me in general and I won't get into it right now. Just saying that that commercial is almost enough to put me off shaving altogether.

- Tonight my husband (let's call him Mike, since it's his name) doesn't have to work and we're going out on a date. Mike's brother, wife and two kids live in the burbs about 20 miles away which is great since we see them a lot. It's so good to have family nearby. Way back at the beginning of the summer my sister-in-law asked when we might like her to babysit, and we made date for tonight, as she and her husband could easily come into the city while their kids were at sleepaway camp. I'm really looking forward to going out to dinner just the two of us - I have not been to a restaurant when I haven't nursed at the table in a long time. Hopefully the little boo will be an angel for his aunt and uncle. At least I'll be leaving plenty of milk for him because everything I pump today won't be needed tomorrow since it's my work-from-home day. Speaking of: gotta go get on the milking machine. Oh friends, there was a time when referring to my breasts so much might have been provocative.


  1. Still provocative to me ;)

  2. Also, we have a jogging stroller if you'd like to borrow it and try it before investing in one. The squirt might be too young for it right now though.

  3. I so enjoyed getting all caught up. It sounds like being a Mom suits you well. Mwah!

  4. I just "discovered" you too! So nice to have you around!

  5. I miss running too (though for different reasons than you). I'm all about yoga, though, and swimming, of course. (No bikram for me, though, it's a little intense. Don't know if you're a fan of that type. Some people really like that kind of challenge). There is a local studio where I live, that offers yoga classes exclusively for children and teens, and also has prenatal, postpartum and mom & baby yoga classes. Have you thought about something like that, where you could do mother-baby yoga together to get back into your routine in a class setting?