Monday, August 15, 2011

I'm Walkin' Here

It's official: we've got ourselves a walking boy. Just as we were cautioned, once he got started in earnest, he had no desire to stop, and all that timidity he was exhibiting went out the window. Bless you, Mr.-or-Miss-inventor-of-baby-gates. It's pretty dang amazing to witness, and even though I realize how quickly it became normal to me, I can't imagine tiring of watching him do that drunken lurch on fat gorgeous baby legs. Every milestone has been the best ever, but this really is the best one. Until the next one. But for now, awesome.

Other than that we've been keeping it low key, watching for symptoms, but Mike and I are both managing to be upbeat and not dwell on anything that might happen. So far, so good.

**Parting thoughts on the finale and all of Season 8 of SYTYCD:

-YAY Melanie!

-The Jess/Nick/that other guy tap routine - one of the standouts of the entire series. Nick, you shouldn't have been cut so early!

-Sonya Tayeh, I believe, is the real winner this year. She did some outstanding work, even though I think it was a bit of an overly contemporary-jazz heavy year on the show. It's hard to believe back when she made her splash with Mark and Courtney's incredible "The Garden" routine that she'd become the show's go-to choreographer. What a cool thing to watch her career evolve. Also, it's so weird to be saying this, but I'm starting to come around to Tyce Diorio. I think he's just been barking up the wrong tree, style-wise, and now that he's getting fewer Broadway routines he's grown. Loved his top 8 number with the circus theme, and that Sasha-and-Kent wall dealie might have been his best ever (I'm just going to come out and say I found his cancer dance from years back overrated - it was gorgeously danced, but I don't appreciate being manipulated like that).

-This season felt weird and uneven to me, probably my least favorite so far. There didn't seem to be a ton of memorable dances, I was not a fan of the guest judge format for the most part (I know you have to get viewers in however you can but most of those appearances were supersuck - if I never hear the word "Pussycat Dolls" ever again I'll be thrilled) and we were seriously lacking in Dave Scott, Wade Robson, Mia "You're so gorgeous I just want to stab you in the head" Michaels and Debbie "Honey, call the fire department" Allen. Oh, and Adam Shankman, who seems like such a dear person, I wish I knew him in real life. I'll probably never be over Shane Sparks, but there's not much anyone can do about that. I loved the dancers this season, a lot of solid work and promising talent, but overall the conclusion left me quite MEH. At the end of the day any SYTYCD is better to me than none, but I'm already looking forward to something a little more next year. Oh, and Cat Deely for President!**

My obvious--but obviously genius--summer song pick of the day:

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