Wednesday, August 24, 2011

I Feel My Heart Start to Tremblin'

So the earthquake! It happened. I've felt earthquakes before, I remember a few growing up, so I thought that's what might be happening as I sat with my toes under the dryer at the nail salon. Of course it could have just as easily been a truck passing or the woman next to me jiggling her legs, but I was already surfing on my phone so a quick check of facebook (the first place to get any news, duh) confirmed it. I'm glad it wasn't worse, and I hope those at the epicenter are all doing OK. I know it's so cute the way we're all freaking out here on the East Coast, but we're not exactly quake-ready in these parts.

My boy had one of the most jacked-up nights of sleep in a long time last night, not sure if he's teething or what but I'm thinking that when we get back from the last of our weekend travels I'm going to have to do the dreaded middle-of-the-night cry-it-out to get back on track. I've slipped into some bad habits since our initial vacation (like taking him into bed with us at 3 a.m. instead of making him stay in his crib) and it's not helping any of us in the long run. So not looking forward to it, but it has to be done, and I know HR can handle it. Maybe he'll just get over it on his own and I won't have to do anything, but the odds of that are not in my favor. Parenting yay! Still, it's worth all the non-fun stuff. He said his first real sentence yesterday: "Bye, doo-doo!" I'll let you fill in the details of the back story yourself, but Mike and I are both very proud as you can imagine.

I'm out now for a few days but I'll leave you with a song I've really been into lately - it's got such a mellow summer vibe, and the lyrics make me smile. "Everything hooks, everything works. You're a real good chorus, I'm a real good verse. Freestyle, unrehearsed." Love it.

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