Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Bottle Diva

Regarding yesterday's entry,  the wonderful Kevin wrote in--and rightly so--to question my choice to leave Jaws off of the summer movie hall of fame. The only thing to say in my defense is, though Jaws is pretty much the mother of summer movies (it was the first blockbuster, plus, you know, the setting and such) it transcends categorization. I think of it, simply, of one of the best movies EVER. HR was thisclose to being QR (after Mr. Quint) and that is not even a joke. Jaws is amazing, see Jaws, live Jaws. That is all.

Speaking of baby Quint (OMG Halloween costume idea!), Project Sippy Cup is sort of killing us all. It's crazy how this kid can pound milk from a bottle, but if you put it in a cup, it's an insult. I've read up on it, and it seems this sort of reaction is not unusual. I know it's the comfort factor of the vehicle, and not the liquid itself. He'll drink water from the sippy like he's getting paid to do it. As of right now, he's getting a bottle first thing in the a.m. and last thing before bed, but in between we only offer the cup. I figured by now, three days in, he'd want milk bad enough to get it that way but instead he's just going for more water. And even with that he's totally fine all day long. The dreaded side effect of the big change is that it has totally effed with his sleeping, including the all-important afternoon nap. He's so out of sorts that he won't even go to sleep like he's been doing since he's been trained. And he's waking up more at night, inconsolable. So it's been a challenging few days, I'm not quite sure what to do. We'll get through it. Lucky for him he's such a cute, loving snugglebug the rest of the time.

The other day when Mike was at work, baby and I were having a dance party to "Xanadu," which is obviously a great song for dancing around with a baby/other type of human and it reminded me that ELO is awesome and I should be listening to more ELO. My brother's over there like, "I've only been telling you that for half my life." Anyway. Here's the sunniest song I can think of, for a sunny day and a much-needed sunny outlook. We'll get there! Jeff Lynne told me so!

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  1. Please tell me you are a Dr Who fan and that you have seen the episode Love and Monsters....