Thursday, August 11, 2011

Can't Wipe It Off My Hands, Write It In the Sand

Both Mike and HR are on antibiotics, and though their respective doctors believe they were most likely exposed to the dreaded Lyme disease, neither seem to believe it's a reason to freak out. So in reality I could be living with up to two lymies right now and while that is not a thought that makes me feel warm and cozy, it seems pointless to get too het up about it. At this point it's wait, watch, take the meds and hope for the best. Ah nature you son of a bitch.

**So You Think You Can read an entry where I don't talk about the show? Not bloody likely, not for a week at least. Thoughts on the finale? I am not a negative person by any means, I had to stop reading Television Without Pity forums because people were too mean and jerky about everything all the time, but I have to say that as finales go this one was underwhelming. Nothing blew my doors off or even made me want to watch it a second time. Hm. Not that the dancers aren't all still ridiculously talented, there was just no magic or wow factor of which I know they are more than capable. Oh well, maybe I've just set my standards too high. It's really the show's fault for everyone usually being so good. The results show tonight is guaranteed to make me happy because they'll trot out the best routines from the season like "Misty Blue" and the statues one. And some other great ones I'll be surprised to see because I'll have forgotten about them. And I'll try not to think of the downside of the finale, which is that the show won't be back until next May. It's a long long wait, but so worth it. OK then.**

This is more of a summer's ending type song, but I heard it on my drive into work and Bill Janowitz is a sweetie and a huge Red Sox fan and Buffalo Tom is awesome so why wait to post it? Exactly.


  1. Oh, man. My brother-in-law had the big bull's eye from a tick last year, but the drugs they gave him seemed to work. I hope your sicklings are feeling okay.

  2. Damn, I forgot his hair used to look like that. Kind of like mine did. Mine may be gone, but at least I'm not a daywalker.