Thursday, July 21, 2011

Like a Prom Dress

I knew you book humpers wouldn't let me down! Thank you so much for your reading recommendations - now to carve out some time to hit the bookstore before our travel begins. For someone on the cusp of a two-week vacation, I'm feeling awfully calm. I'm nowhere near packed and I've still got a lot of loose ends to tie up on the work front, but somehow I remain chill. I know it'll all get done, it always does.

You'd think I'd be a bit more freaked out, especially about the prospect of spending two weeks at the mercy of the elements with a sorta-walking baby who loves his TV time and is very particular about his routines. We went last year for a few days, but he was a whole other kind of creature at that time. The truth is, I have no idea what to expect aside from the likelihood that he'll be a miserable boo, at least until he gets used to it. So I'm just throwing my hands up to the universe. Worst case scenario, we go home. Which would make me sad, but hey, a staycation is still a vacation. HR represents the third generation of babies in my family who have camped out this way, though, so I have a feeling it'll all work out just fine. I'm more psyched than anything, which is a great thing to be in regard to vacation. Otherwise, why do it? Right?

**SYTYCD thoughts: Sasha and Twitch! I have to say I didn't go crazy for him during his season, because that was Joshua's season and Joshua is my all-time favorite contestant so he overshadowed the rest. But as an all-star, Twitch has come into his own for me, and the pairing with Sasha last night--as well as the KILLER routine by Christopher Scott (thank you for the palate cleanser after the Uganda debacle of last week)--was the highlight of the show. I may have re-watched it a few times. I feel like Mitchell was thrown under the bus by Tyce's choreography, which sucks. And I always thought Jordan was overrated, but she was great last night. Plus she was paired with Brandon-- welcome back, B, you are stone amazing. I have no idea who's headed to the bottom three, which is kind of cool. Also, Neil Patrick Harris, please be on every show ever.**

Even with all my zen, I do have a lot that needs my attention, but before I chuck my deuce up at you for the next fortnight, here's my anthem from a couple of summers ago. I just can't help loving that Ryan Adams.

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