Tuesday, August 20, 2013

What I Did On My Summer Vacation

I was on vacation forever and it was awesome. I wasn't out for a straight three weeks, but over that time I was not working more than I was, spending all of the time with my husband and son, and to be able to do that in life is a sweet deal. I thought about doing a detailed recap of all our happenings, but that's boring. At this point it feels like none of it even happened anyway, so it's surreal to look back. But here are some of the finer points:

Family, family, family. There are other types of vacations, but these summer vacations are strictly about family for us. We saw every single cousin and cousin's child and aunt and uncle on my dad's side, as well as my dad, siblings and my grandmother and her fiance. We saw my mother and HER mother and one of her brothers and his wife and kids and grandkids. We saw Mike's parents, and all his brothers and wives and kids. I think it's fair to say that quality time was spent. 

We slept in the relative luxury of our new pop-up camper, and in the upgraded digs of a sick rented house which Mike's brother and family generously shared

We saw the stars and the sun and the clouds (maybe clouds were a bit overrepresented in the Maine portion, but it's what it is). 

HR went crazy nuts bonding with people he rarely gets to see and claiming the tide pools as his own and successfully weaning himself off his potty and onto the grown up toilet for good.

We sat by many a fire, and waged a turf battle with wildlife (don't ask).

We ate and drank in a manner befitting royalty.

We bathed our kid in a bucket and showered ourselves in the open air (and a righteous steam shower).

We spent a LOT of time in the car, with a miraculous total of zero incidents of carsickness to be reported.

There was this


And this


And all this