Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Mental Mistletoe

On the heels of yesterday's watershed, I think you'll understand why I've been having some trouble accessing my usual jingle-jangle enthusiasm during what's typically my favorite time of year. All the spirit hugs definitely help, and I do get a little thrill of the season here and there, but I've accepted it's going to be tempered. That's life, sugarbeet. Also, did November happen? I feel like I was duped out of an entire month this year and it left my head spinning.

Still, you know I love my lists, and I've been compiling a mental list of things to look forward to, things that make me smile and feel a rush of holiday warmth. Like,

-kicking off chanukah by lighting the menorah and giving HR his first present. We didn't do any formal gift giving with him before this year, and as it is we're probably keeping it to one thing, but I'm exited for him to open something we bought special, something that I know he'll love

-latkes and general merriment with Mike's family next weekend

-decorating our house for the first time since HR was born and seeing his reaction

-going to Maine for a big fat chunk of time and being surrounded with the holiday foods of my youth (all the meat pie and chex mix and needhams for me, thanks) and real Christmas trees and, of course, the family crush

-champagne! I know I wrote not too long ago about how I didn't intend to reserve bubbly for special occasions and wanted to drink it all the time, just because. Well I failed at that business, but there's never a better time than now to start it up. From here until January, the stars is my drink of choice

-the prospect of peppermint bark. I want to make some, but at the very least I'll eat some, I know it's available for purchase somewhere in this fine city

-maybe it's time for Santa Claus? I'm playing this one by ear, maybe we won't do it until next year, but the idea of a proper Christmas Eve and the wonder of Christmas morning really appeals to me. It really is all about the kids. Or about the parents wanting the magic for the kids? Either way the kids are involved. As an aside, I love having an interfaith marriage and the mash of traditions - I hope down the line we'll have done right by our kid

-quality screen time: Emmett Otter, Christmas Eve on Sesame Street, Charlie Brown, maybe even the Muppet Christmas Carol and/or Pee-Wee's Christmas Special with the boy; White Christmas and Love Actually for me. I caught a bit of Elf already, but I think I need to schedule a dedicated watch, and of course the traditional bits of A Christmas Story over a 24 hour period.

Per usual my list is largely made up of food items. Traditional food, to which I have a real emotional connection. But really all food is cool with me, just wanted to make sure I didn't come off as unaware that good eating is key to my happiness. All right, gotta go write some decidedly un-festive policy now.

Love. Just, love.

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