Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Coming Attractions

I lack the time to get into a real meaty post today, but here are some topics I'll be writing about in the near future:

-Going back to work and how I think it will ultimately make me a better mother
-My job, in general, and how amazing it's been upon my return
-My husband: Superdad!
-Supplementing with formula does not mean I'm a failure

...and many, many more. 

I'm quite used to sleep deprivation at this point, many a night I have lost a couple of hours nodding off with the baby on my breast, or found myself staring slack-jawed into space while someone spoke to me, but I know it's really gotten to me when it's taken me three months to notice that one of the covers I put on the baby's Boppy (the pillow I use to support him while nursing) has an egregious spelling error. The fabric is covered with pictures of various adorable jungle animals with little captions like, "giggly giraffes" and "happy hippos." Fine, fine, though I can't say that those are strictly applicable adjectives - do hippos have the capacity be happy? Probably, whatever. But then there's "mischievious monkees," which never looked right to me, but I gave it a pass because I thought they were being cute by changing the spelling of "monkey" to look like that of the fake band of the 1960s, who certainly were mischievous. Ah, but there it is: "mischievIous" - come on! I can't decide if I'm more annoyed at  the actual error, or my inability to pick up on it until about two days ago. Most likely the latter. Still, even as I excuse the designer's liberties with an animal's name if it makes me think of "Pleasant Valley Sunday," I can't overlook downright spelling laziness. It had been my favorite Boppy cover, but now I can't look at it without being totally bothered.

A note to textile designers: just because babies can't read doesn't mean that you can skip out on spell-check. I may have been a bit slower on the uptake than usual but I am watching you.

Happy three months today to my petite gentleman, HR: just when I thought I couldn't love him more, he slept a 6-hour stretch last night.

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